The best yield you can hold in your wallet

Our tokenized yield aggregator, maximizes your earned interest by constantly monitoring the top on-chain lending protocols and automatically moving funds to capture the highest available rate, without speculation risk

  • Efficient

    We move assets between protocol pools to rebalance with a single transaction instead of multiple fractured steps.

  • Transparent Result

    Straightforward yield based on realized numbers. The token value is based on earned yield, not some phantom promise.

  • Managed Risk

    Spreading funds out removes a single point of failure, and allows us to respond programmatically to black-swan events.

  • Multi-Token

    Dividing the pool between USDC/USDT, increases our ability to capture peak rates and not be limited to one asset.

  • Simple Experience

    A token stays in your wallet and doesn’t require connecting to a site to view performance/value.

  • Speed

    Our program analyzes the market every minute to find the optimal allocation that will earn a better return.

How it works How does the Carrot token work?

Earn yield without speculation

  • Deposit USDC/USDT in exchange for CRT

  • The vault constantly lends the deposits to capture the leading rate between the top 5 protocols on Solana.

  • Earned yield accrues to the vault balance, increasing the value of CRT token

  • Exchange CRT anytime for your share of the vault, or directly through a swap

Our Vision

We hated seeing tweets about how easy DeFi was for everyone, but our own experiences always fell short - finding it difficult to evaluate options, keep track of performance, and stay up to date with the risks.

We wanted an easy way to use automation to our advantage so we could guarantee to get the best rate over time, and token with liquidity so the wallet would show us the value of our assets anytime, anywhere.

Our mission is to bring these things to everyone who knows how to use Solana, and then beyond. Bringing the benefits of DeFi to everyone.

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